General Cleaning Products

Black Fluid | Domestan | Bleach (Regular) | Bleach (Thick) | Bleach (Intensive) 12 – 14% | Drain Blast | Grease Spotter

Most of our products are also available in 25L – Contact us for a Price List

Black Fluid Removes unwanted stains and odors – bathrooms, drains, refuse bins, etc. 1L 5L
Domestan Thick and fragrant bleach for cleaning and disinfecting in bathrooms and kitchens 1L 5L
Bleach (Regular) Use as regular bleach in kitchens and bathrooms 1L 5L
Bleach (Thick) Regular bleach with thicker consistency – bathrooms and kitchens 1L 5L
Bleach (Intensive)
12 – 14%
Sodium Hypochlorite used for water/surface purification, bleaching and odor removal 1L 5L
Drain Blast Blasts fast through blocked drains – DANGEROUS PRODUCT 1L 5L
Grease Spotter Water-based, heavy duty alkaline degreaser – for manual and high pressure cleaning 1L 5L
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