Cleaning Assessories

Bucket (9L) | Chubby Brush | Comfi Grip Brush | Shoe Brush | Dustpan and Brush | Household Gloves | Microfibre Sponge Pack | Multi-Surface Cleaning set | Scourers (Large) | Sponges (Large) | Sponges (Small – 3’s) | Window Squeegee

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Bucket (9L) High quality, low cost bucket for multi purposes
Chubby Brush Good quality scrubbing brush
Comfi Grip Brush Strong bristles for quick and easy cleaning
Shoe Brush Shoe polishing brush
Dustpan and Brush Fine black bristles for sweeping up dust and smaller particles
Household Gloves Use for kitchen cleaning, dishwashing, bathroom cleaning, gardening and pet care
Microfibre Sponge Pack Soft and absorbent – removes dirt and grime – safe on all surfaces
Multi-Surface Cleaning set For cookware and appliance cleaning
Scourers (Large) Clean, polish or wash to remove dirt or grease by means of a detergent
Sponges (Large) Multi-purpose cleaning sponge
Sponges (Small – 3’s) Kitchen cleaning sponge with scouring pad
Window Squeegee Long handle squeegees for effective window cleaning
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