Laundry Detergents

Auto Washing Powder | Dissolver | Fab Flowers | High Hands W/P | Liqui Laundry | Softie Softener

Most of our products are also available in 25L/25KG – Contact us for a Price List

Auto Washing Powder Low foam washing powder for automatic machines 1L/KG 5L/KG
Dissolver Heavy duty solvent for removing a wide variety of stains 1L/KG 5L/KG
Fab Flowers Linen spray – fabric freshener 1L/KG 5L/KG
High Hands W/P High foam washing powder for hand wash and twin tubs 1L/KG 5L/KG
Liqui Laundry Low foaming laundry liquid for Automatic Washing Machines 1L/KG 5L/KG
Softie Softener Thick and fragrant fabric softener 1L/KG 5L/KG
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